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The Future Of Broadcast Television In Africa
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The Future Of Broadcast Television In Africa
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The 2014 document on “The Future of Broadcast Television” by Ericsson – presented by Broadcast Media Africa – provides an in-depth analysis of the changing landscape of television broadcasting, focusing on the rise of digital and internet-based platforms.

It discusses the transition from traditional broadcasting models to on-demand and streaming services, highlighting the growing consumer preference for content accessibility across multiple devices. The document also explores the implications of these changes for content creators, advertisers, and service providers, emphasizing the need for adaptation in this evolving media environment.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Shift from traditional broadcasting to digital and streaming services.
● Increasing preference for content accessibility on multiple devices.
● New challenges and opportunities for content production in the digital age.
● Changes in advertising strategies due to shifting viewing habits.
● The need for traditional broadcasters to adapt to new media consumption trends.
● Importance of making content available across various platforms.
● The role of technology in facilitating the transition to digital broadcasting.


Resource Type: Presentation Slide

Author: Ericsson

Year Sourced: 2014
Year Published To BMA: 2014

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Consumer Viewing Habits
Content Accessibility
Media Industry Adaptation