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Evaluating The State-Of-Play With TV White Space Deployments In Africa
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Evaluating The State-Of-Play With TV White Space Deployments In Africa
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The 2019 document on “Evaluating the State-of-Play with TV White Space Deployments in Africa” by CSIR – presented by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) – provides an overview of the deployment and utilisation of TV White Spaces (TVWS) across Africa. It details the initiatives, regulatory progress, and technological advancements in using TVWS for enhancing communication and internet access.

The document includes case studies and insights into the impact of TVWS in various African countries, highlighting its potential for bridging the digital divide and improving connectivity in underserved regions. The role of TVWS in meeting Africa’s growing demand for broadband and wireless communication is emphasised, along with the challenges and future prospects in the field.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Overview of TVWS in Africa: Examining the current status of TV White Space deployments across the continent.
● Regulatory Developments: The progress in regulatory frameworks for TVWS implementation.
● Technological Advancements: Innovations and advancements in TVWS technology.
● Case Studies Across Africa: Insights from various African countries on TVWS impact and usage.
● Bridging Digital Divide: The role of TVWS in reducing the digital divide in underserved areas.
● Demand for Broadband and Wireless Communication: Addressing Africa’s increasing need for broadband connectivity.
● Challenges and Future Prospects: Exploring the potential obstacles and future opportunities in TVWS deployment.

Resource Type: Presentation Document
Author:  CSIR
Source Year: 2019
Year Published To BMA: 2019

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  • TV White Spaces (TVWS)
  • Digital Connectivity
  • African Communication Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Frameworks
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