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How To Successfully Deliver And Protect Video Content
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How To Successfully Deliver And Protect Video Content
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The document “How To Successfully Deliver And Protect Video Content” by Verimatrix, offered by Broadcast Media Africa, focuses on the challenges and solutions in delivering and protecting digital video content. It provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of content delivery, the emergence of new technologies, and the growing issue of piracy.

The document highlights the importance of secure content delivery mechanisms, including Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Conditional Access Systems (CAS), to protect revenue streams and intellectual property rights. It also discusses the role of content owners and studios in this ecosystem, emphasizing the need for robust security measures in an increasingly digital and connected world.


Some key points from the resource include:

  • Evolution of digital content delivery.
  • Challenges and solutions in content protection.
  • Importance of DRM and CAS.
  • Impact of piracy on revenue and IP rights.
  • Role of content owners and studios.
  • Technological advancements in content security.
  • Necessity of robust security in digital media.

Resource Type: Presentation Document
Source Year: 2019
Year Published To BMA: 2019

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  • Digital Content Protection
  • Digital Media Evolution
  • DRM and CAS Systems
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Video Content Piracy