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Role Of Satellite In The Broadcast Digitisation Process
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Role Of Satellite In The Broadcast Digitisation Process
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The 2015 SES document – presented by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) – discusses the significant role of satellite technology in the digitisation process, particularly for television broadcasting. It outlines the benefits of using satellites for digital terrestrial television (DTT) networks, offering efficient, cost-effective solutions with wide

The document highlights the capability of satellites to complement DTT broadcasting by reaching remote areas, enhancing overall reach. It also addresses the practical aspects of implementing satellite services, including infrastructure and cost considerations.

The document underscores the satellite’s pivotal role in accelerating the digital transition in broadcasting, particularly in regions with challenging geographies or limited terrestrial infrastructure.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Satellite’s role in digital terrestrial television (DTT) networks.
● Cost-effectiveness and efficiency of satellite solutions.
● Extended coverage, reaching remote areas.
● Practical considerations in satellite service implementation.
● Acceleration of the digital broadcasting transition.
● Suitability for diverse geographic and infrastructure challenges.
● Satellite’s contribution to broadcasting network enhancement.

Resource Type: Presentation Slide

Author: SES

Year Sourced: 2015
Year Published To BMA: 2015

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