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Planning For Convergence Of Broadcast And Broadband Platform
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Planning For Convergence Of Broadcast And Broadband Platform
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About this Resource


The 2014 CSIR document – presented by Broadcast Media Africa – explores the convergence of broadcast and broadband platforms. It discusses the need for integrating these technologies to enhance media access and efficiency, particularly in South Africa.

Key focus areas include optimizing spectrum usage, enhancing sound and picture quality, and facilitating more content choices. The document also addresses strategies for convergence, including the implementation of hybrid broadcast-broadband systems, software-defined networking, and dynamic spectrum access.

It underscores the potential benefits of this convergence, such as improved connectivity, economic growth, and better service delivery.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Integration of broadcast and broadband technologies.
● Focus on optimising spectrum use and enhancing media quality.
● Strategy for hybrid broadcast-broadband systems.
● Importance of software-defined networking.
● Emphasis on dynamic spectrum access.
● Potential economic and connectivity benefits.
● Specific focus on the South African media landscape.


Resource Type: Presentation Slide

Author: CSIR

Year Sourced: 2014
Year Published To BMA: 2014

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Broadcast-Broadband Convergence
Spectrum Optimisation
Hybrid Systems
South African Media
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