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OTT Not Just Ticking A Box
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OTT Not Just Ticking A Box
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The 2019 document from Discover Digital, titled “OTT – Not Just Ticking a Box,” emphasizes the importance of a strategic approach to Over-The-Top (OTT) technology and content in Africa. It discusses how simply having OTT technology and content is insufficient; the key lies in effective utilization and understanding of the unique African market. The document highlights the necessity of starting with a clear purpose (Why) and then building strategies (How) and solutions (What) around it.

One of the critical aspects addressed is understanding the African consumer base, where a significant portion of the population lives under economic constraints. This insight shapes the approach towards OTT services, stressing affordability and accessibility. The document also outlines key considerations for success in the African OTT market, including understanding and communicating the brand’s purpose, knowing the value proposition, being open to partnerships and adaptable business models, and ensuring that technology and content are locally relevant.

Furthermore, the document encourages agility, patience, honesty, and clarity in navigating the OTT landscape. The underlying message is to have a deep comprehension of the ‘Why’ behind the business, aligning it with measurable success criteria like viewership, revenue, and user engagement. This approach is seen as vital for impactful and sustainable growth in the African OTT sector.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Strategic approach to OTT technology and content in Africa.
● Importance of purpose-driven strategy (Why, How, What).
● Emphasis on understanding the African market’s unique needs.
● Focus on affordability and accessibility for the consumer base.
● Importance of local relevance in technology and content.
● Necessity for adaptable business models and partnerships.
● Alignment of business goals with measurable success criteria

Resource Type: Presentation Document
Author: Discover Digital
Source Year: 2019
Year Published To BMA: 2019

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  • African Market
  • Business Adaptability
  • Local Relevance
  • OTT Technology
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