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Content Protection: Piracy In The Digital Ecosystem – Learning To Stay A Step Ahead


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This outlines the efforts of the Kenyan startup YAKWETU. It focuses on combating online piracy while promoting secure content distribution and monetization across Africa and its diaspora. The document details the serious issue of content piracy, which impacts revenues and the overall creative industry, costing the Kenyan creative industry approximately $795 million annually. It emphasizes the use of technology to combat piracy through tools like website blocking, which has been successfully tested in various countries.

MyMovies.Africa, a digital platform launched by YAKWETU, aims to provide encrypted, original African films on multiple devices, promoting legal consumption of media content. The platform supports different consumption models like rent and purchase, enhancing accessibility and revenue streams for creators.

The document highlights the importance of legal measures such as the Copyright Amendment Act 2019 in Kenya, which facilitates takedown procedures for pirated content. It also discusses the role of internet service providers (ISPs) in enforcing these laws to ensure copyright owners’ rights are protected.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Anti-Piracy Efforts
● Digital Distribution
● Legal Frameworks and Enforcement
● Partners Against Piracy (PAP)

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