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OTT In Africa: The Last Frontier
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OTT In Africa: The Last Frontier
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Summary Of Content:

The document “OTT in Africa – The Last Frontier” by AUCOM, shared by Broadcast Media Africa, discusses the landscape, challenges, and potential strategies for Over-The-Top (OTT) services in Africa. It provides insights into the African market for OTT services, emphasizing the unique challenges such as content licensing, infrastructure limitations, payment issues, and revenue concerns.

The document also addresses solutions like local content development, edge caching, and alternative payment methods. Furthermore, it highlights the significance of understanding the African consumer market to successfully implement and monetize OTT services.

Some key points from the resource include:

  • Unique market challenges for OTT in Africa.
  • Licensing and content issues.
  • Infrastructure and bandwidth constraints.
  • Innovative payment solutions.
  • Monetization strategies for OTT.
  • Importance of local content.
  • Understanding African consumer behaviours.

Resource Type: Presentation Document
Author: AUCOM
Source Year: 2019
Year Published To BMA: 2019

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  • Consumer Behavior in the African OTT Market
  • Content Licensing and Monetization
  • Infrastructure Limitations in Broadcasting
  • Market Challenges for Digital Content
  • OTT Services in Africa