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Content Delivery Strategies
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Content Delivery Strategies
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The document from 2014 on “Content Delivery Strategies” by Ericsson – presented by Broadcast Media Africa – examines the evolving strategies in content delivery within the broadcasting industry, focusing on the impact of
technological advancements. It highlights the importance of maintaining high-quality content while adapting to new distribution methods.

The document discusses how changes in technology, particularly in digital broadcasting, have led to new ways of content delivery, requiring broadcasters to update their strategies. It also emphasises the need for scalable and flexible solutions in content delivery to meet the growing demands of diverse audiences.

The paper underscores the significance of effective content management systems and advanced distribution networks to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of content to viewers.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Focuses on the evolution of content delivery strategies in the broadcasting industry.
● Highlights the impact of technological advancements on content distribution.
● Emphasises maintaining high-quality content amidst new distribution methods.
● Discusses the adaptation required due to changes in digital broadcasting.
● Stresses the need for scalable and flexible solutions in content delivery.
● Underlines the importance of effective content management systems.
● Addresses the necessity for advanced distribution networks for efficient content delivery.


Resource Type: Presentation Slide

Author: Ericsson

Year Sourced: 2014
Year Published To BMA: 2014

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