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Sule – The Proverb Detective TV Series
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Sule – The Proverb Detective TV Series
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The document “SULE – The Proverb Detective TV Series” from 2017 by Rene Rawls – presented by Broadcast Media Africa – presents an innovative educational TV series concept. It revolves around Sule, a 10-year-old African detective, who helps children solve the meanings of proverbs, taking them on adventurous journeys. The series aims to make children laugh and think critically, learn moral lessons, and discover aspects of African culture. It targets children aged 4 to 7 years (preschool plus) and consists of 13 shows, each 22 minutes long.

The series also aims to fill a void in educational programming for children of colour, specifically targeting the preschool-plus audience.

Some key points from the resource include:

● A TV series focusing on a young African detective named Sule, targeting 4 to 7-year-old children.
● Combining fun and critical thinking through the exploration of proverbs.
● Aiming to represent African culture and proverbs.
● Designed to offer moral lessons, cultural insights, and entertainment.
● Filling a gap in educational content for children of colour.
● Contributing to a more diverse and inclusive media landscape.

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Author:  ReneRawls

Year Sourced: 2017
Year Published To BMA: 2017

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  • Educational TV Series
  • African Culture
  • Proverb Detective
  • Children’s Entertainment
  • Cultural Representation