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Providing A Viable STB Solution For Nigeria
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Providing A Viable STB Solution For Nigeria
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The 2015 InView document – presented by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) – outlines a viable Set-Top Box (STB) solution for Nigeria, focusing on creating an affordable, attractive, and protected digital television ecosystem.

It highlights the importance of the right technology, pricing, consumer awareness, and protection against cheap imitations. The strategy involves utilising lightweight technology for cost-effectiveness, cardless conditional access, open technology allowing competition, and subsidised STBs for those in need.

The document also emphasises the significance of massive consumer launches, educational marketing, and clear branding for licensed products, aiming to create a vibrant manufacturing industry in Nigeria and across

Some key points from the resource include:

● Viable STB solution for Nigeria’s digital TV.
● Emphasis on affordability and technology.
● Consumer awareness and education.
● Protection against cheap imitations.
● Cardless conditional access system.
● Subsidised STBs for affordability.
● Goal to boost the local manufacturing industry.


Resource Type: Presentation Slide

Author:  InView

Year Sourced: 2015
Year Published To BMA: 2015

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