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Digital Infrastructure For Content Delivery And Related Services In Africa


Digital Infrastructure For Content Delivery And Related Services In Africa

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About this Resource


The 2022 video on “Digital Infrastructure for Content Delivery and Related Services in Africa” by Sentech – presented by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) – outlines the current state and future prospects of digital infrastructure in Africa. It highlights the challenges faced due to gaps in digital infrastructure, comparing Africa’s digital landscape with global standards. The document details the role of ICT in driving digital transformation and the growth opportunities in the African market, particularly due to its youthful population and urbanisation trends.

Some key points from the resource include:

● Assessment of current digital infrastructure compared to global standards.
● Identification of gaps and challenges in Africa’s digital landscape.
● Importance of Information and Communication Technology in driving digital changes.
● Potential for expansion due to a youthful population and urbanisation.
● Initiatives in enhancing digital technologies and infrastructure.
● Focus on developing platforms to facilitate efficient content delivery and connectivity.

Resource Type: Video Presentation

Author:  SENTECH
Source Year: 2022
Year Published To BMA: 2022

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  • African Market Opportunities
  • Content Delivery Systems
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • ICT Development
  • Sentech’s Role in Africa