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“Why Should Broadcasters Bother With OTT Content Distribution? How Should They Bother?”


“Why Should Broadcasters Bother With OTT Content Distribution? How Should They Bother?”

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About this Resource


Defining what OTT is and what it is not according to industry players in the Pan-African landscape. The role of mobile networks in the distribution of broadcasting and video streaming services in Africa. OTT is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it suggests that understanding your audience is the key to success. The urgent need to develop a sustainable and viable content production industry in Africa. The advantages of traditional broadcasters as opposed to digital content distribution platforms in the African continent range from access to top-class expertise, extensive resources funding through government allocations, infrastructure, access to content, stakeholder relationships, brand loyalty and advertising clients.

A deeper insight into shared challenges and the steps that can be taken to address what the future of entertainment and broadcast media will look like through OTT services and internet delivery. One solution or strategy that will address challenges across the continent due to differing levels of development. While accessing economies of scale.


Some key points from the resource include:

  • OTT In Africa
  • OTT Services


Resource Type: Audio Presentation

Author: Broadcast Media Africa

Year Sourced: 2021
Year Published To BMA: 2021

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