Thursday, September 28, 2023
Preserve Africa Archives


The aims and objectives of the Industry Programme are to:

  • Drive deeper understanding of media assets preservation at broadcast media and content owner institutions in Africa
  • Equip professionals with up-to-date knowledge-base and resources
  • Raise awareness and promote local archiving and preservation activities and initiatives
  • Help secure the provisioning of adequate financial, technology and human resource capabilities for the preservation of broadcast and other audio-visual assets in Africa


The Preserve Africa Archive Industry Programme is guided by these key values:

  • Commitment: We are fully and unreservedly committed to assisting and supporting the sourcing, resourcing, preparing and preserving Africa’s audio-visual content
  • Developmental: We are open, participatory and developmental in our orientation and approach
  • Historical: We will offer a transparent, reliable, fair, accountable representation to all our stakeholders
  • IP and Content Rights: We commit to respect the rightful ownership by all content owners and to protect their content rights, including their IP
  • Forward-Looking: We will be forward-looking, as we look back, to ensure the best-in-class resources are deployed to provide access to legacy African Sound and Audio-visual content