Thursday, October 21, 2021

Effective Regulation Of Online Broadcasting And OTT Streaming Services In Africa

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    14 Oct 2021

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    • Acquiring critical regulatory and policy frameworks for Internet TV, VOD Services and OTT Content Streaming


    • Distinction between factors that drive the regulation of traditional media systems and those of the digital online platforms and services


    • Assessment of mechanism that will drive industry regulations that affect the level-playing field for all stakeholders


    • Understanding aspects of current media laws and regulations that need updating to achieve effective online media regulation

Key Themes:


● Assessing how new formats of online and streaming media are different and separate from the traditional

● Discussing frameworks for regulating content when streaming or media platforms are supra-national and not locally based

● Reviewing best case examples in other jurisdictions and lesson regulators and policymakers in Africa can take

● Working with all stakeholders to implement local regulatory policy procedures and standards

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